Charlotte, born in Uccle in 1978,
grew up in the beautiful countryside
of Lasne, Belgium.
She is the youngest of two sisters and Isabelle
had a strong influence on her music taste.
Both were keen scouts. Charlotte joined aged
5 years and became a scout’s leader at 20.
It was the combination of physical activities, proximity to nature and the social aspects
that drew her to scouts.
Her mother’s love for traveling exposed Charlotte
to different cultures. After completing the Lycée de Berlaymont in Waterloo, she spent a year
in Hasselt to improve her knowledge of Dutch
and in Norwich to learn English.
She then studied business administration in
St. Louis and the IAG in Louvain La Neuve.
She was keen to gain international experience
and applied to study one semester at
the University of Texas at Austin, USA.
Andreas was born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1978.
He grew up in the beautiful countryside of
Steindorf in the triangle of Italy, Slovenia
and Austria.
He is the oldest of two brothers, but Markus soon became the tallest of the two. Living directly on a lake and surrounded by the alpine mountains
turned them to physical activity ...
...such as rock climbing, marathon running,
skiing, or biking.

Andreas completed his secondary education
at the Peraugymnasium in Villach.
After the service in the Austrian army as a mountain infantryman, he moved to Vienna
to study business administration at the Vienna University of Economics.
Given his open background, he applied to
spend on exchange semester at
the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

The foreign exchange students at the University of Texas at Austin met regularly and it was not long before
Charlotte & Andreas felt some mutual attraction. Both enjoyed sports and shared the same sense of humour.
There was sufficient time to travel the country - a passion the couple retained ever since.

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After five months the exchange semester came to an end but the relationship did not. Both had one year left
to complete their academic work in Belgium and Austria, respectively. Living so far apart they met each other
about once a month either in Brussels or Vienna. When both completed their master in business administration,
& Andreas wanted to remove the distance between them and looked not just for a job
but a place to live that suits both of them.
Charlotte & Andreas found a neutral ground in London, UK. The city is international and multicultural, young and
vibrant ?just like the couple. Charlotte works in Human Resources and Andreas as a banker in the City.
They live in trendy Bermondsey Street in South East London.
After more than seven years as a couple, Charlotte & Andreas got engaged in the idyllic island of Koh Tao in Thailand.
He proposed 15 meters under the sea level on a Scuba dive. The corals and all the fish present approved the engagement,
so did her mother Françoise and his parents Helga and Robert.
On 18 April 2009, Charlotte & Andreas celebrated their civil wedding in the town hall of Uccle in Brussels.
A religious celebration and party are to follow in Austria in the coming winter.